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Adjusting to a New City

Hello! This week has just flown by! I cannot believe it's already Thursday. Where does the time go?

It's been...interesting getting used to a totally new area. It definitely helps that I have a couple friends here already, but there are so many things to figure out here that you don't really think about beforehand. Grocery stores, restaurants, shops, etc. are different here! I've done a ton of research, had some trial and error, and just drove around exploring the area to begin getting my bearings.

Some things I've learned so far:

1. I'm not a big fan of Safeway (grocery store). Maybe it's just the one we went to, but King Sooper's is better and is actually just a Kroger in disguise.

2. There's no getting around going to Whole Food's, Sprouts, or Natural Grocers out here and spending an ass-ton of money, because the regular grocery stores just don't carry all the stuff I want.

3. Sprouts actually has really great prices on produce. I bought a big container of blueberries (not that dinky ass one you get from Publix that contains like 7 blueberries for $6.99) for $1.88! They get you on awesome extras like goat's milk cheddar cheese blocks that I HAD to have. Dammit. I literally had to force myself to leave so I wouldn't raid the bulk bins for candy. I'm calling it a self-control win.

4. EVERYWHERE has gluten free, paleo, vegan, farm to table, locally sourced, etc options. It rules, and I'm obsessed. There are so many incredible restaurants here that I can't wait to try.

5. On that note, I am forcing myself to cook in the hotel room as much as possible, because if I went out to eat at all the restaurants I want to and/or go to all the gluten free bakeries I am dying to try, I would most definitely be 400 pounds. Patience is a freaking virtue.

6. Everyone here loves fitness. It's great, because I can connect with virtually anyone out here. Now I don't feel so annoying when I talk exercising all the time, because that's basically all anyone else talks about too! I've also already had two gyms tell me they would hire me down the road if I was interested.

7. Which brings me to dropping in...did you know that you can try pretty much any gym for free for 3-7 days. FOR FREE YALL. That means you don't have to just snatch up a membership at your local LA Fitness if you're not in love. I am trying ALL the gyms I can, so that I can find somewhere I fit in, that has a great environment, that has all the amenities I want, etc. Shopping for a gym is just as important as shopping for a new hairdresser or someone to do your nails. Don't ef that up. If you are unhappy at your gym, you may never use your membership, and then what's the point? It just becomes a giant waste of money.

8. I've been reading tons of blogs and "Things to do in Denver" lists online for ideas of fun activities. The best way to get used to a new city is to explore and do as many things as possible, so that's been the goal! So far, so good! We've been hiking so much, people tell us all the time that we've hiked and seen more of the mountains around Denver in the past week than they have in years of living here. This weekend we are going to Denver Central Market to walk around and grab lunch, and we also plan on checking out a comedy club. It definitely helps that there is no shortage of events, restaurants, or new places to check out here.

9. In case you were wondering how Tucker is adjusting to life in Denver, don't you worry. He's just out here living his best life chasing bunnies, hiking all the mountains, and just being a badass pup.

Ok guys, moving on, I feel so bad for my hubby, because he's going through some shit right now with his arm. He had a surgery on Monday to clean out a pretty nasty infection from an old surgery wound. Throw out some good vibes for this guy, because I know he's frustrated as hell. We were hiking every single day before his surgery. He was even here a week before me and hiked a ton before I got out here. The docs have restricted him from basically all physical activity for at least 7 days.

Word of advice to any of you out there going through similar struggles: do what the doctor says. I know it sucks big time. But think about it: if you do something reckless and re-injure yourself, you're going to be even worse off! That momentary pleasure can create a lifetime of consequences. Give yourself the time to heal, and set yourself up for success moving forward. Besides, that time away from the things you love is only a small snapshot within the big picture. What is one week or even a few weeks when you look back years later? It's NOTHING! I know it feels like an eternity. Trust me, it felt that way for me when I was coming back from an injury as well. Be smart, listen to the experts, and get well again! The trails, weights, ski slopes, or whatever you're into, will all be there when you return!

Fitness is for life, not just for the moment. Think about that! Always aim for the long-term success over the short-term gain.

Stay fit AND well my friends! Catch y'all tomorrow with some Friday Faves. This week's list is pretty happenin', so be there or be square.

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