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Airfryer Brussel Sprouts

Guys, I have a tragedy to report. There is apparently a french fry shortage in the United States right now. All this winter weather has cut the potato crops short this year, so restaurants are going to have a smaller french fry stock to sell. Some stores have even reported that they will be decreasing their sizes and portions for customers. GASP! Whatever will Americans do without their beloved fries????

Get 'em while they last! OR, here's another option: order some veggies instead! Heresy? Nahh. Veggies can be bomb if you put a little effort into them. And honestly, I'm talking very little effort, for a whole lot better for you option. I'm here to help you out by showing you one SUPER easy way to make veggies awesome with my Airfryer Brussel Sprouts recipe today!

This week, I've been back to work in the kitchen prepping some food for the week and trying to stay off the sugar and junk that I overindulged on over Thanksgiving. I know I mentioned this in my last post, but I'm loving my new airfryer. It's such a convenient, fast way to cook some of my favorite things, and I can't wait to experiment with some new recipes as well. Literally, these brussels took a total of 20 minutes (including prep time). That's something you can do after work for a fresh dinner side or as part of your Sunday prep for the week ahead. If you want to save on prep time and don't mind spending a little extra money, you can even buy pre-cut or chopped brussels instead!

These babies come out crunchy and full of flavor with just the teeniest bit of oil! Can't hate the simplicity of this one either! Check it out-

Airfryer Brussels


1.5 pounds brussels

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste


1. Chop off woody ends of brussels and cut in half (pro-tip: keep the leaves that fall off, they make delicious, crunchy chips in the fryer!)

2. Place brussels and leaves into a large bowl, add olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

3. Toss all ingredients until evenly coated.

4. Pour seasoned brussels into the air fryer basket.

5. Airfry at 400 for 12-14 minutes or until desired crispness is reached. **Halfway through your cook time, remove the basket and toss the brussels around to turn them. This will help cook them all evenly.

That is IT! No preheating necessary. It's the most amazing thing. Also, when I have cooked brussels in the oven in the past, this same recipe takes me 30-40 minutes to achieve the crispness I'm looking for. I'm literally cutting that time down by two thirds! It's the best. If you don't have one of these magical cooking machines, add it to your Christmas list ASAP, and thank me later!

Let me know if you give this one a whirl! Catch y'all tomorrow with some tips on how to stay on track during the holidays!

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