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Calm Before the Storm

It's the week before Christmas and I feel like life is slowing down, somewhat, right before the holiday craziness. I finished all my Christmas shopping over the weekend, we attended my gym's Christmas party, and we had (another) snow storm hit.

I'm so annoyed with myself, but this is the only picture I snapped before heading to the gym Christmas party:

I'm not really sure how people manage to look cute around here since it's so damn cold and there's snow and ice everywhere. I swear I almost died just walking into the party from my car. Despite the near death experiences, it was so fun to hang out with all the members (and my new friends) and finally introduce them to Shawn. He's still recovering from those dang shoulder surgeries he had over the summer, so he hasn't made it back to CrossFit yet. We had a prime rib dinner with all the fixins, and it was AMAZING. We may have had a few too many glasses of wine, and I was quickly reminded A) that I'm getting older and can't handle drinks like I did in college and B) that too much wine makes for not a fun night of sleep. Aside from not feeling the greatest from the drinks, I had a great night out with some really awesome people. Turns out, living in a small town isn't so bad after all!

We got some more snow over the weekend...go figure. I've been wanting to take Tucker out to play in the snow for a while now, but it always seems to melt before we get the chance. This time, I was determined. On Sunday afternoon, we bundled up in ALL the layers, put on our snow boots, and headed down the road to the open space we normally hike in.

By the way, how gorgeous is that scenery? Although the snow is not always my favorite, it is beautiful. Tucker was in heaven. This crazy dude BUSTED it so many times sliding around on the snow and ice, but he just kept getting back up for more. My favorite is this right here:

Who doesn't love a good snowball, I guess? We lasted about 20 minutes out there before we were ready to head back into the heat.

I'm so excited to head to Lake Havasu, Arizona to visit Shawn's family for Christmas at the end of this week. We always have the best time with everyone there, between the parties, our Christmas Eve dinner and gifts, hot tubbing, and just relaxing and spending time with his parents. Also, after spending the past few months freezing my butt off, it's going to be pretty great to spend a week thawing out in the much warmer weather. There's also a great gym down there that I drop into each time I'm in town. Always thinking about my fitness, guys. I also can't pass up the opportunity to get some good outdoor runs in. I've been less than enthusiastic about doing that since we moved to the North Pole. Sixty plus degree temps and sunshine has me super motivated to pull my running shoes back out.

In the meantime, my plan this week is to get a workout in every day before our road trip on Friday. I'm planning to relax my nutrition next week and eat all the treats and Christmas goodies that I want. With that in mind, my eating is going to be ON POINT this week. That means tracking all my meals, measuring all of my portions, and getting in tons of protein and veggies. I challenge you guys to do the same. Most of you are probably in a similar boat, knowing that next week is going to be a little out of routine. Nail down your fitness and nutrition this week, and shoot for a really great week. Then, next week you can enjoy your holiday celebrations with the knowledge that you put in the work to earn it this week!

If you need some workout inspo, check out my previous post that includes TWO awesome travel workouts. All the movement demos can be found on my Instagram @trishwassy!

Enjoy the next few days, friends, and happy last minute gift shopping! Only one more week until Christmas Eve!

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