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Friday Faves #10

Sorry for being MIA the past couple of days! I have been adjusting to some schedule changes, since I'm taking Fridays off now to visit Shawn in Athens while he works on a project out here. I think my body is confused that I got to sleep past 4:30 this morning, because I woke up about 27 times throughout the night wondering where I was.

Last night I made a BOMB pork tenderloin for Shawn and I. This recipe will be coming to the blog ASAP. You need it in your life. I took zero pictures because the lighting in his apartment SUCKS, but next week, I GOT YOU.

This weekend we are celebrating a friends birthday by kayaking (hopefully, if the rain holds off).

Then we'll grab dinner and drinks afterwards. Kayaking has been the jam lately, so I hope the stupid rain doesn't mess it up. We're also seeing Toy Story 4 tonight! I'm, really excited to see this installment, because it has gotten great reviews so far.

Alright guys, on to your regularly scheduled Friday Faves Post. As per the usual, (PS I just tried to abbreviate this word and couldn't figure out how to spell it. Is is "yuje" or "uge" or "yooj" LMAO, and now I've written a novel.) let me know about your weekly faves in the comments section below!

Seeing more of my favorite guy. I haven't talked a lot about this on the blog, but Shawn has been working on a project in Athens for several months now. Because the commute would be atrocious, he rents an apartment out there during the week and comes home on Saturdays. It SUCKS to only see my husband for 24 hours per week. I decided it was time to make a compromise, and start taking Fridays off so I can come stay up here Thursday-Sunday each week. It makes me feel tremendously better knowing that I'll have more than a single day to see him every week now.

Donut birthday treats from Petco. Who doesn't love a birthday donut?? Tucker's birthday is on Saturday. This big guy is turning 6 whole years old! Where does the freaking time go? I love taking him to Petco to pick out a couple new toys and to raid the gourmet treats section. Having a dog is just the best. Happy birthday, booger face!!

This rockin' functional fitness room at the Athens YMCA. I'm guessing all of this equipment had to have been donated, but it's pretty dang awesome. I got a great leg workout in today, and it was a bonus that they had a GHD machine for some abwork at the end. This will definitely be my go-to workout spot when I'm in Athens.

New plank series! I designed this one for myself earlier this week, and by the middle of the second round, I was shaking like a leaf. Give it a try when you have about 15 minutes to spare!

Peach Pass. Dude. This thing has been a Godsend, I swear. There has been a ridiculous amount of bullshit happening with I-75 lately, and I have been so incredibly fortunate to always avoid it with the use of my handy dandy Peach Pass. I'm telling you, with my road rage, that shit is worth whatever amount of money it costs to avoid the traffic. Lives have been saved by this thing, y'all. Me hopping in the express lane and passing by all the dummies without a Peach Pass:

This maple mustard chicken thigh recipe from a few weeks back. If you haven't made this one yet, you definitely should! I made this for my weekly girl's night with a friend, and it turned out great. It is so easy and super tasty.

This Paleo cookbook. I ordered this cookbook off Amazon this past week and love it. I haven't had the opportunity to make any recipes from it just yet, but I'm getting tons of ideas! If you are running short on clean recipes or just need to revamp your weekly routine, all of Juli Bauer's cookbooks are amazing. Plus, since the recipes are all Paleo, you know you'll be using tons of healthy ingredients.

Baked Brussels. I made my best batch of brussels ever this week. I chopped up 2 pounds of them (mostly quarters, some halves), tossed them in minced garlic, sea salt, and avocado oil, spread them on a cookie sheet, and baked them at 400° for 20 minutes. Then, I cranked the oven up to broil and continued to bake for another 5 minutes until they started to get nice and crispy. Pro-tip: don't get rid of those extra leaves that fall off as you chop your brussels. They end up making the most delicious brussel chips. You want those, trust me.

Apple air pods. Ok, so I know I'm late to this party, but I honestly tried them before and hated them. I took them on an outdoor run once, and constantly felt like they were going to fall out. Thus, they don't pass my run test. BUT, I gave them another try today at the gym, and the verdict is, I loved them. They were comfortable the whole time, and I never felt like they were falling out of my ears. My new review is: great for weight training or treadmill running, bad for outdoor running. I did hear that Apple is coming out with a new wireless headphone that wraps around your ear that I am intrigued by. I will keep you posted.

Who's cooking up something delicious this weekend? Anyone have fun fitness plans? Fingers crossed for no rain! I hope you all enjoy the weekend!

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1 Comment

Shawn Wasielewski
Shawn Wasielewski
Jun 24, 2019

Companies make accessories for the AirPods, maybe we should get some and try them out?

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