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Friday Faves #7


Thank baby Jesus, we are finally headed into the long weekend. I've got tons of fun weekend plans that I am looking forward to. I'll be headed to my Mom's house shortly for a pool day and girl's night with my sister and niece. Then, Saturday is my friend's bridal shower. After that, I am headed out to Athens with Shawn to hang out for a couple days! We will probably see Aladdin on Saturday night. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews, but how can I not see this childhood fave? Plus, Will Smith as the genie seems amazing.

We are planning to rent kayaks on Sunday and enjoy some time together in the sun. Hopefully we can get Tucker out there, because swimming is his jam.

Without further ado, let's get crackin' on some Friday Faves!

Bubbly Sparkling Water. This was honestly a spontaneous buy at a Walgreens on the way to Atlanta last weekend. I've been trying to seriously limit the amount of Coke Zero I drink (ever since I gave it up completely for Lent this year). That means I am always searching out other beverages that have a little flavor to them. This one really surprised me. I'm not usually big on the cherry flavor, and don't always love sparkling waters, but this one was great. The flavor seemed bolder than the typical La Croixs I drink, and it doesn't leave a weird after taste. It's super refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. It would also be a great mixer for a light summer cocktail.

My boys. With Shawn working so much, it's rare that I get to spend time with just these two. It was so great to spend a couple nights watching movies together last weekend. This photo-op was just too irresistible to pass up.

Rotisserie Chickens. This is a great option for a weeknight meal when you are short on time. Bonus if you can buy organic! Usually I will buy one, remove the skin, then shred up the chicken from the bones. I save the chicken in a tupperware container to pull from during the week for salads, or I will eat some of the meat with a veggie and a healthy carb (like sweet potato or rice). You can also mix up a really great chicken salad with mashed avocado or avocado oil mayo.

Strawberry Cheesecake flavor Halo Top. Holy crap. I'm going to go out a limb and say that this is my absolute favorite flavor of Halo Top EVER. It even has little pieces of graham cracker crust in it. This is now my go-to light summer dessert.

This Bachelorette Recap blog. A fellow Bachelor-loving friend of mine introduced me to this incredible recap of the Bachelorette episodes. They post these weekly, and now I'm going to have to become a regular. She had me rolling at "Meanwhile, Hannah shows up dressed for the date like she just hit up an Old Navy clearance rack from 1995." Dead. If you watch the show, you should read this blog for a solid weekly giggle.

New (collapsible) water bottle. After reading 567 cruise blogs on what to bring on the ship, I wanted to purchase Shawn and I new water bottles to take on our trip to use on the road trip, and also during off-ship excursions. I stumbled across these water bottles and jumped on them. I love them. I think it's great that they collapse to a more portable size that you can stuff into your travel bags when not in use. They also have different lid options, and they come in tons of great colors!

Crispy Kale Slaw from Whole Foods. I picked this up while browsing through Whole Foods this week. I thought it would make a great addition to my lunch salads that I make at home. I ended up loving it. It adds a great crunch (great replacement for croutons if you are used to getting your crunch from those), and it livens up your salad party with an extra boost of colorful veggies.

This cartoon my Mom sent. Because it is so true. This guy right here:

With the big, dopey grin, and the sweetest eyes you've ever seen. He is my ultimate stress relief. If I am feeling sad, mad, anxious, stressed, or even when I just need someone to feel excited with, he's my guy. All it takes is a few seconds in the same room as him, and I instantly feel better. Dogs are the best.

Gymnastics. I haven't been doing a ton of high skill gymnastics since I stopped training for CrossFit competitions, so it was really nice to have some pop up in the class workouts this week. I did a bunch of rope climbs and muscle-ups for the first time in months, and they honestly didn't feel too bad. I'm paying for it in soreness today, but it feels pretty great to know that I can still do them decently well! It might be all the strict pulling (pull-ups) and pressing (dips) work that I have been doing lately paying off.

Cucumber Feta Summer Salad. Recipe here. If you need a side to take to your Memorial Day party this weekend, make up a batch of this. It will definitely be a hit!

That's all I have for this week! What is everyone planning for the holiday weekend? Any CrossFitters doing Memorial Day Murph? CrossFit Bound is running heats from 8-930 on Monday morning, so come on out it you're in the Kennesaw area! I hope you all have a blast over the weekend. Don't forget to get outside and get your fitness on!

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