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Friday Faves #8

The weekend is HERE and I have made it to my vacation! We leave on Sunday morning for Florida, and we board the cruise ship on Monday. Ya girl is pumped.

I plan on the next week being filled with cocktails on the beach (and by the pool), good food, and cute outfits. Vacation rules. As promised, I will be posting some fun travel blogs about staying healthy and keeping fitness a priority on vacation. Although, let's be real, I'll be making plenty of time to indulge and relax, too. It's all about balance, my friends.

Before I dip out of here for a while, I wanted to make sure to give you some Friday Faves from this week! Some of these are some travel finds I snatched up for my trip, and some are the usual food and fitness snippets I've been enjoying through the week. Hope you find something that strikes your fancy! Let me know if you try any of my faves, and as always, I'd love to hear about yours in the comments section!

These sandals from Target. Who doesn't love Target. These sandals are super affordable and so comfy. I wanted something I could feel good walking around in during shore excursions for our trip, and these fit the bill perfectly. I've already been wearing them throughout the week to break and them in, and I'm in love.

New smoothie recipe. I have been struggling this week, because I wanted to really limit my sweets before vacation. Just over here trying to look summertime fine for the cruise, y'all! Because I have a massive sweet tooth, I have been trying to find ways around it. Enter: chocolate strawberry protein smoothie. I blended 4 large frozen strawberries, unsweetened vanilla cashew milk (any milk would work), about 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup (I use light), and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. IT IS BOMB. Highly recommend. I will 100% be making this recipe again tonight. It's so refreshing, and kicks my evening sweet tooth to the curb.

Fresh hair cut. Shoutout to my sweet hair dresser Jen (Legally Blonde Salon)! If you are in search of a new hair dresser in the Kennesaw/Acworth area, check her out! She always makes me feel like a new person after I get my hair done. I kept it simple with some layers and a trim, because I am loving my long hair right now. I'm also a redhead that loves her hair color, so I won't be changing that anytime soon! Looking forward to some natural highlights coming in after spending some time in that Caribbean sun next week.

What I'm watching: Good Girls. This show is amazing. The first season is currently on Netflix, and the second season is up on NBC On Demand now. I am a couple episodes in on the second season, and it is both hilarious and addicting. The three lead actresses have great chemistry together, and I am obsessed with them. This is a good one to binge over the weekend.

Give this core workout a try. I posted this one a few weeks back, but it's a great one to keep in the rotation. Definitely going to break this one out pre-pool time next week.

CrossFit workouts this week. I know I will be missing these next week while I am out of town, so I made sure to get in the gym for a couple of classes this week. I'm also taking some inspiration away for some cruise workouts I hope to do at the gym on ship. Travel workouts will be coming your way soon!

Green apple slices with cashew butter and honey. This is an oldie but goodie. A friend of mine back in Houston introduced this to me several years ago as a healthy dessert alternative. I love bringing it into the rotation when I am trying to avoid sugar and chocolate, because it helps cure that sweet tooth of mine. This is another option I have used at night lately in rotation with that delicious chocolate strawberry smoothie.

New beach tote and clutch. I found these cuties at Ross for a total of about 13 bucks. You can't beat that. The clutch will definitely come in handy during my shore excursions, where we'll be doing a lot of walking, and when I don't feel like carrying around a huge bag. It is also great for my smaller items like cash, phone, and snacks, so they don't get lost at the bottom of the larger bag.

Nutpods creamer. I have been wanting to try these for a while now, and I finally remembered to pick some up this week. I bought the hazelnut flavor and found it at Kroger. Good news, it's fantastic, and goes great in my iced coffee. It doesn't have any added sweeteners, so I like to add a few drops of my liquid vanilla stevia. I am dying to try the new cinnamon swirl flavor next.

Recipes to try this week: (I want to make all three of these as soon as I get back from my trip)



Breakfast/dessert- WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? I will be making this ASAP:

Stay tuned for many fun travel posts to come! If you have any Royal Caribbean cruise tips or things I MUST do in Nassau or on the Coco Cay Island, let me know. Enjoy the weekend!

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