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Guess Who's Back (Back, Back)

Hello friends!! I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving spending time with family and enjoying some delicious food. It's been a HOT minute, am I right? Although the last 8 weeks have been a giant ball of stress and craziness, I am back in business and things are finally starting to settle down...just in time for Christmas to come along and shake everything back up again. HA! Joke's on me!

So where the heck have I been? Well, most of that time I've been in the tiny town of Rock Springs, Wyoming: a magical land where you can drive down the road and see wild horses:

I got a job here at a local gym as the only trainer on staff, working 8 hours a day, Monday-Friday. On top of that, I was also coaching a few classes a week at my new CrossFit gym (which I LOVE), training a couple On-Ramp clients over there, and still trying to keep up with my own fitness, meal prepping, working with nutrition clients, etc. It's been straight up madness. By the time I made it to the weekends, I had ZERO energy to do anything other than chill out with my dog and my husband. Thus, blogging was put on the back burner.

Aside from all the working I've been doing, there are some exciting things that have happened also! First things first, I bought a new car!

It's a Toyota Rav4, and I am OBSESSED. I needed something that would help keep me safe while driving through the snow and ice this winter, and this (all wheel drive vehicle) fits the bill. Plus, it's just freaking cute. It's a perfect (future) family vehicle, while still being sporty looking, and it's got tons of fun luxury perks like heated seats and steering wheel, push to start, and all leather interior. Can you tell I like my car a little? It will be perfect when I get remote start put in later this week. You can't survive the winter here without remote start. Facts.

Shawn turned 30!

We spent a weekend in Salt Lake City to celebrate. We rented a side by side and took it into the mountains to drive around. We also found an ATV track to drive on that had fun turns and jumps to play on. I had the best time, while Shawn held on for dear life. Tucker enjoyed getting to tag along for the ride as well.

After that, we went to see a Globetrotters show at the Vivint Arena, and grabbed some burgers at a local gourmet burger place. One thing I miss dearly about the city is having all the restaurant options.

Although there aren't as many hiking trails super close by, like there were in Denver, we are still living close by some mountains, and with it being so sparsely populated here, we've had a blast hiking with Tucker off-leash. I swear, he hikes at least double the mileage that Shawn and I do. He runs way off in front, then turns and comes back to check on us over and over again. If anyone is a huge fan of Wyoming, it's definitely Tucker.

On top of all of that excitement, I just spent two weeks in Atlanta prepping our house to rent out. Since we plan to be on the road for Shawn's job for the next several years, it makes total sense to rent out our house for a while so it's not just sitting there collecting dust. Let me tell you, it was WORK. From the second I got home, I was running around getting something done. I donated somewhere between 30 and 40 bags of everything from clothes to old kitchenware. I also got rid of SO MUCH CRAP. Although I had no clue we had accumulated so much stuff in the past 5 years or so, it felt incredible to declutter and minimize the amount of stuff we wanted to hold on to. I'm instituting a new rule in our household: when you get something new, you must throw out at least one old thing. The small number of things we decided to keep (including my beloved home gym equipment) went into a storage unit near our home. After cleaning that sucker from top to bottom, getting rid of a TON of stuff, and saying our final goodbyes to our house, we are finally ready for our renters to move in!

Now that I'm back in Wyoming, I have decided not to return to the local gym to work anymore, and I am just going to work at the CrossFit gym coaching classes and training clients. Not only does it free up more of my time to bring back the blog, it's also going to cut back considerably on my stress levels. If I'm being honest, working at the other gym brought out a sense of dread in me every day. Simply put, it just wasn't my happy place. Legitimately, this is how I felt going into work there everyday:

Also this:

Nothing truer has ever been spoken. Honestly though, I had a dude (rocking a straight up beer belly) interrupt one of my training sessions to correct my client's form on a kettlebell swing. I almost lost my shit, you guys. You can imagine what a complete joy I was to be around. Just ask my husband. CrossFit Iron Cowboy on the other hand, has absolutely been my happy place. In the few weeks I've spent there, I already get a sense of home when I'm there. The members are so great and welcoming, I feel respected and valued as a coach, and I feel free to train whenever and however I want to.

So in other words, get ready for MORE regular blog posts! Ya girl just got an air fryer, and although I am behind the times on that one, I plan to use the heck out of it, which means recipes coming your way soon!

Christmas is right around the corner too!

That means holiday recipe posts, tips for staying on track with your diet through the holidays, and FINALLY new workout posts (especially some travel ones for those of you planning on venturing out of town for Christmas)! I am so happy to be back to writing and can't wait to update you with tons of new content. Use this Monday to get back at it by prepping some healthy meals for the week, getting a good workout in, or writing down your goals for the week! I know I overdid the sweets while I was home with the family, so my goal for the week is to cut out the sugar and focus on eating lots of veggies, protein, and healthy carbs. What are your goals for the week? Get out there and crush the week!

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