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Holy Legs! Lower Body Workout

Hey guys! It's officially one week until I make my big move! I took a little break last week to spend some quality time with my boys before they left for Denver on Friday. They made it safe and sound late Saturday night and are settling in. Shawn starts work today!

I miss that sweet doggo face so freaking much. I guess I miss Shawn's face too. Can't wait until we reunite on Monday night. We are going to do all the fun things in Denver!!

This Thursday I head out to New Orleans for my friend's bachelorette party, so the next 3 days will be busy with goodbyes (more like see ya laters!), packing, and trying to fitness as much as possible before a weekend of traveling and fun. Here is my current workout plan for the week:

Monday: Short run + Olympic lifting

Tuesday: Lower body workout (see below) + bike ride

Wednesday: CrossFit + Core work

Thursday: CrossFit

Friday: Rest (tons of walking in NOLA)

Saturday: Attempt to go on a long morning run (fingers crossed)

Sunday: Rest (traveling home)

Here's a fun lower body workout I put together last week. I plan to do this one tomorrow along with a bike ride. I promise you, your legs will be shaking at the end of this one. For the hip thrusts, you can use a dumbbell or a barbell, or if you don't have access to any weights, you'll still get a burn using just your body weight! Rest about 1 minute in between your rounds, and rest 3 minutes between each section. I hope you love it!

For videos of all the movements, check out my Instagram @trishwassy. Always feel free to modify movements by dropping the weight. Bodyweight movements can create an awesome workout as well! No shame in that game. Try to keep your rest between exercises to a minimum and go all out on the squat jumps and jumping lunges! They are meant to burn!!

I particularly love the unilateral work in this workout, because I used to be super right side dominant. Incorporating lots of single single movements into my training has helped to close that gap in strength on my left side. If you notice imbalances in your body during exercise, unilateral work may be just what you need. Give these exercises a try, and if you notice significant discrepancies in strength of one side over the other, try to add more single side work into your fitness routine.

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Drink some coffee and get after it!

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