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Kicking Off Summer With All the Fitness!

This is about where I'm at right now, post Memorial Day Murph and coming back to work after a long weekend:

Struggle city. The good new is, it is officially less than one week until we set sail on our cruise to the Bahamas. It also means that this week is going to be nuts. I've got tons of laundry, packing, chores, errands, etc. to get done before we leave. I'll take it though, because I am so dang excited to get a week of beach and pool time with my hubby.

With virtually zero extra time this week, I will be relying on my Ice Age freezer meals for quick dinners all week! They are so great, because they are high in protein and healthy carbs, made with quality ingredients, filling, and delicious. It makes life so much easier to not have to meal plan for the week when I have so much going on.

Wow. Can I get a rewind for the past couple days? I just want to relive the whole thing because it was so great. What a fantastic way to kick off the summer.

Saturday morning I got a 7 mile easy jog in before getting ready for my friend Meghan's bridal shower. I have been friends with this girl for 24 years! We literally met while rollerblading in our neighborhood. Don't you guys miss the 90s? Let's make roller blading a thing again.

I'll tell you one thing I don't miss much: running in the 90 degree heat. That shit is cray. I truly don't know how I trained for a marathon in the dead of a Houston summer. The body can be made to adapt to incredible things, I guess. However, I was not ready for it this past Saturday. Pro-tip for you: bring hydration on long runs when temperatures are above 80 degrees. Do as I say, not as I do!

Or, better yet, go kayaking instead. It was still scorching hot out on Sunday, but getting to sit in a kayak on the river, where I was constantly being splashed with cool water, made all the difference! I didn't feel the least bit overheated on this trip. It was such a great day date with Shawn, and it was so fun to get to paddle some (not too crazy) rapids. I am proud to say that I did not tip my kayak once during the trip.

We used a kayak company called Sandbar on the Broad River outside of Athens. It was about a 40 minute drive from the downtown area in Athens. You park your car at the end-point of your tour, and they bus you up to the beginning with all of your equipment. The paddle down river took us about an hour and 45 minutes. If you take your time and make stops for snacks or drinks, it would probably take closer to 3 hours. I believe they estimate the trip anywhere from 2-4 hours. If you're ever in that area and looking for a fun activity, I highly recommend it!

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Every Memorial Day at our gym, we honor our fallen servicemen and women by participating in a workout called "Murph." If you don't know anything about Lieutenant Michael Murphy or if you've never seen Lone Survivor, read that article, and make plans to watch that movie over the weekend. Our military is made up of some freaking incredible people, and it is really cool to workout and reflect on some of their amazing sacrifices and accomplishments.

I've only done "Murph" a couple times in its entirety, and never with a weight vest. For the past 3 years, I had to sit out because I was training for Regionals during this time. But not this year! I finally took on the whole thing, straight through, wearing a 14 pound vest. It was such a great time spent grinding through a tough workout amongst an incredible community. When I walked into the gym, there must have been 50 people already getting after it! That's so much fitness in one place! I feel so lucky to call all of these people my friends. While I was outside working on my push-ups and squats (and silently dying), so many people cheered me on and offered up words of encouragement. That definitely helped power me through those last few push-ups when I literally felt like my arms were separating from my body. I can't wait to try to use my arms again over the next couple of days!

In case you're wondering, that's me contemplating life midway through my 300 air squats. How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Did you make time for fitness? What was your favorite treat from cookouts/parties over the weekend? My favorite treat was the mimosa bar at my friend's bridal shower. I love a good mimosa.

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