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Lower Body Dumbbell Workout

100% me right now:

Oh Monday, we meet again. After staying up late with Shawn to watch last night's Game of Thrones episode, I am feeling beat. Have no fear though, coffee saves the day again! I am currently on my second cup and feeling ready to crush the day.

Good news guys, I am officially re-certified in CPR! Hopefully I never have to, but I am now qualified to help save your life in an emergency situation! I got yo' back like a sweater. I spent Saturday morning in class for that, as it is a pre-requisite to my personal training recertification. I take that test on Friday. So much studying....

If you didn't giggle at that gif, we can't be friends. Sorry. Anyways...this means my brain is now FULL of all the health and exercise knowledge that I can now bestow upon you beautiful people. So let's hang out, chat about your goals, and get some awesome workouts in! Book a slot with me in the services tab above!

In other news, I met up with a friend at Tupelo Honey in ATL yesterday. These biscuits gave me life:

I also ordered sweet potato pancakes:

And I now NEED to recreate those at home in the near future. They were outstanding. Ten out of ten, would recommend hitting this place up for brunch one day! Love the atmosphere, love the food, drank ALL the mimosas. Plus, I got to catch up with this lovely friend of mine. Katie and I have known each other for over 20 years. Say what?! Time flies, man.

So that's the weekend catch-up, now let's get to WORK! It's time for a lower body workout, y'all. This is a good one. Note that you can totally do ALL of these movements with just your body weight if you do not have access to a set of dumbbells right now. Check out my Instagram @trishwassy for videos of all the movements.

The Moves:

Dumbell Front Squats: Dumbbells resting on the shoulders, elbows in front, normal squat. Keep your chest up, knees behind the toes, core tight, butt drops back and down.

Wall sit- maintain this position for 60 seconds. If you can't, drop the weight, or accumulate 60 total seconds.

Jump squats: Normal bodyweight squat, then leave the ground by jumping up, land back in squat position and go straight into your next squat. If you are unable to jump at this time, just do bodyweight squats here.

Sumo deadlifts, separate your feet wide, with toes pointed out. Hold both dumbbells in front of your thighs, then, while maintaining a flat back (tight core + shoulders back), lower the dumbbells to touch the ground. Keeping your back tight, raise the dumbbells back up to standing position:

Goblet Cossack Squats: Hold one dumbbell at chest level, separate feet into a wide stance. Lunge to one side, picking the opposite foot up, heel down. Come back to the center and lunge to the other direction. Alternate for 20 total reps.

Jumping lunges: Normal bodyweight lunge, then leave the ground to jump into your alternate lunge position. If you are unable to jump at this time, perform bodyweight lunges, alternating legs for 16 total lunges.

Dumbbell walking lunges: With dumbbells by your sides, alternate walking lunges for 60 total steps. Feel free to stop and take short breaks as needed to complete the full set.

**Don't forget to check with a doctor before starting any new exercise routine, ESPECIALLY if you have previous injuries or health conditions that may affect your ability to do certain exercises. **

And as always, if you're scratching your head over my workouts, contact me so I can teach you all the things! You might be surprised about how much you actually LIKE lifting weights.

Do you have any fun fitness plans this week? What did you do this weekend? Did you wake up, like me, with a weekend hangover? Deal with it by grabbing yourself one of my fave macro-friendly Starbucks pick-me-ups. Let me know in the comments! Have a fantastic start to the week!

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