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Mini Band Booty Burner Workout

Dude. It's Game of Thrones week!!! Yesterday I had the morning news on while I was working through breakfast and someone said "this was the last weekend without Game of Thrones!" Excitement through the freaking roof! Can't wait to see all the crazy shit unfold this season.

Anyways, I promised you guys I would share my mini band butt workout with you on the blog and here it is! These are some of my FAVORITE glute/lower body warmups for squats, deadlifts, olympic lifting, lunges, etc. If the workout has virtually any kind of lifting, this is my go-to. Note that the actual workout I am giving you is WAY more than I would do in a warm-up setting, as this is meant to be more of a workout by itself. You could totally shorten the rep scheme or just do one round, and it makes the perfect warm-up for many workouts where lower body is the focus.

If you don't have a set of mini bands yet, have no fear! Here is a link to the exact set that I own. They are super versatile and come in all different resistance strengths, plus this particular set comes with a handy little drawstring bag for easy transport. Also, since there are varying resistance levels, you can use the lighter ones for upper body work too! Hooray! I can post some upper body stuff later on :). This is the perfect piece of equipment for use at home or on the go (AKA traveling!), because it takes up literally zero space, is easy to use, and it's super cheap. So go get you some now! Then you can complete this awesome workout and tell me all about how your booty is on FIYAH. Have fun!!

I would add a 1-2 minute rest interval between each round of the workout. *Form check on all movements: make sure your feet begin hip distance apart, chest up tall, weight in the center of your foot with heels on the ground. Keep your knees pressed out against the resistance (don't allow them to cave in). Also think about maintaining that tension in the band throughout the whole exercise!

Monster Walks- take 45 degree angle steps forward, alternating your stepping leg. Backwards monster walks are the same but stepping backwards now.

Banded squat- make sure your knees are tracking with your toes, not past them, and your heels remain flat on the ground. Keep your chest up tall and core tight, pressing the knees against the band as you lower into your squat and then come back out.

Lateral steps- Keep your butt lowered into a quarter squat as you step side to side, keeping tension in the band with each step.

Banded Glute Bridges- With the band around your legs, lay on your back with feet flat on the ground, hip width apart. Raise your hips up as high as possible while pressing the feet on the ground and squeezing your butt at the top of each rep. Lower slowly back down, keeping the knees pressed out.

Glute bridge hold looks the same as above, you are just holding that top position (butt squeezed tight and hips high!) for 20 seconds.

Banded clam shells- Lay on your side with knees bent and thighs positioned at a 90 degree angle to your torso. Press your bottom leg into the ground and feet together as you raise the top thigh out and away from the bottom thigh, like you are opening a book. Complete on both sides.

And there you have it! Enjoy the workout and happy booty gains!

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