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Nashville Bach Recap Part 2

Day two started with brunch reservations at The Southern Steak and Oyster. Apparently the brunch scene is poppin' in Nashville, because EVERYWHERE was booked out for the weekend. It was crazy trying to find a place with an opening. The Southern ended up being a great choice though!

I ordered a Peach Belini, which is my new thing after this weekend, and the southern fried egg sandwich. It was to die for.

After brunch, we caught an Uber over to Nashville's replica of the Parthenon. We toured that, and took some time enjoying the beautiful, albeit still hot as hell, weather. Then, we headed back to Broadway to walk around, bar hopping and checking out more of the sites.

We stopped into Blake Shelton's bar, Ole Red.

And I ordered the Frisky Mimosa at the rooftop bar where we hung out and listened to an amazing live performer. I'm always amazed at the performers that can play an instrument and sing at the same time. Maybe I just suck at multitasking, but it seems really difficult. This girl played guitar and sang beautiful renditions of "Zombie" and "Landslide."

After that, we walked across the street to the Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk for snacks and more drinks. We got a table there and listened to a live band. If you like your music LOUD, you will want to go to Kid Rock's. Around 3, we headed back to the condo to get ready for our dinner.

Since Meghan had really been looking forward to seafood in New Orleans, and we had planned on getting dressed up that night, we looked up some fancier seafood places in Nashville for Saturday's dinner. We found a place called Sea Salt and booked a reservation there. It was AMAZING. I loved everything that I tried. My summer salad was incredible:

It had grilled peaches, goat cheese, chicken, and blackened scallops. I seriously wish I could relive that meal. Someone also ordered the frites as an appetizer that came with 3 different aioli sauces and those were delicious as well.

And then there was this:

After dinner, we walked right down the street to Legendairy Milkshake Bar for dessert. We had stumbled across this place as we were walking through the city the day before, and Meghan really wanted to go. Even though the line was insane, I'm always game for an epic dessert, so I joined her. Everyone else wimped out. Let me tell you, it was damn worth every single calorie.

From dessert, we headed over to Skull's Rainbow Room for a burlesque show. Skull's is an adorable 1948 speakeasy that houses an upscale restaurant and bar. The place is SMALL, and books out at least a week in advance, so we were unable to get a table. Because of that, it was standing room only for the show, and you still have to get there early to grab a spot in front of the stage. The show is worth it if you don't mind standing that long, but it was definitely wait around for an hour plus and then continue to stand for the hour long show. If you know you're going early, book a table and grab dinner before. That place smelled amazing, so I can imagine their food is fantastic. It also has great reviews online.

They had a cool jazz band playing before the burlesque show began, so the entertainment while you wait (or eat and drink) is awesome. The guy playing piano and singing was absolutely incredible. His voice singing "Simple Man" gave me goosebumps.

After the burlesque performance, we were all pretty pooped, so we decided to call it a night. The next day we packed up and headed back to Atlanta with so many fun stories and memories from the perfect Nashville girls weekend.

Now, it's just two short weeks until this pretty lady becomes a Mrs. Congrats to my sweet forever friend!

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