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Nashville Bachelorette Weekend Part 1

Hello from Denver, guys! I’m (finally) here! I’m so excited to be back with my boys and finally feeling somewhat settled. I’ll be living out of a hotel for the next month or so while Shawn does some job training, so that means plenty of time for blogging and workout designing! WOOT!

Last weekend I was supposed to be in New Orleans for a Bachelorette party. I’m talking we had the whole shebang planned out: AirBnB booked, activities planned, decoration/swag bags filled with all things NOLA themed. Then hurricane Barry decided to pop right on into the city at the exact wrong time. We ended up having to cancel the day before we left to head out there. WOMP WOMP.

Rather than let some bad luck ruin our weekend, we quickly formed an alternate plan to head up to Nashville for a few days instead. I’ve never been to Nashville, and it’s one of the bachelorette capitals of the world (Nashvegas, y’all!), so my thought process was, “LET’S FREAKIN’ DO IT!” I am happy to report, it did not disappoint.

Day 1:

Although we drove down on Thursday night, I’m not really counting it as day one, because we were all pretty exhausted when we got there, and we didn’t do much other than grab a quick dinner and a trip to the grocery store. The real day one was Friday.

After checking out of our hotel on Friday, we decided to head downtown to Broadway and scope out the bar scene. That street is POPPIN’. It may be filled with tourists, but it is so fun. There is literally something going on everywhere you look: live music on multiple floors of bars and restaurants, street musicians, pedal cabs, great people watching, beautiful rooftop lounge and bar areas everywhere. We even had a guy come serenade us with his guitar. It is seriously an adult playground.

Our first stop was Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. We headed up to the rooftop for some pictures first:

By the way, the jersey theme was an ode to Meghan’s love for all things sports- she and her hubby-to-be love going to all kinds of sporting events. Idea credit to the lovely bridesmaid, and my former college roomie, Monica. I thought this was super cute and unique.

After pictures, we grabbed a table for lunch. I had this delicious summer salad with grilled chicken (always looking to get my protein and veggies in!):

We finished up with lunch and headed over to Pinewood Social next. It was a freaking hike to get there (maybe we should have Ubered?), but it was a super cool place to hang out. Plus, you gotta work off those drinks somehow, am I right?

This place has bowling, bocce ball, ping pong, a coffee bar, restaurant, full bar with a list of interesting craft cocktails, and probably more that I don’t even remember. They give you a full-on tour when you walk in. It’s probably a bit more hipster vibey than we cared for, but it was still fun to order a fancy cocktail there. Check this beauty out:

Next we headed to the AirBnB to check in and change for our night downtown. We decided to wear our (NOLA themed) bachelorette party t-shirts out that night. We took lots of photo booth pictures at the house:

Props to Amy for coming up with these hilarious koozies with Brendan's (the groom) face on them:

We also played some bachelorette and wedding themed games, before heading back downtown.

I thought it was packed during the day, but the nightlife scene there is on another level. It was SO fun, though. Although it was much easier to find a place to chill on a rooftop during the day, you could still make it out there at night. You can also be like me, and troll for people to get up, and then immediately pounce on their chairs. I am a massive fan of rooftop bars now, because the city views were awesome.

Word of advice on Nashville: if you go in the middle of summer like we did, be prepared to sweat your life away in the bars. I'm talking straight up dripping.

Even going outside on the open-air rooftops felt about 20 degrees cooler than inside on the dance floor. Be prepared to chug some water in between songs, or maybe don't wear jeans like me...face palm. We went to Jason Aldean's, Luke Bryan's, Crazy Town, and Acme Feed and Seed (fantastic live music there). All of those bars have great rooftop areas.

My fave bar of the night was definitely Crazy Town, because their music was amazing. The only downside was that it was hotter than hell there. If I had had a portable fan with me, life would have been made. The rest of the night was spent dancing or singing along to live music (sometimes both), and just having a great night out with the girls. We headed back to the AirBnB around two to rest up for our second day.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a day 2 recap + a fun travel workout! Have a happy Tuesday, friends!

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