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North Georgia Winery Weekend

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and is starting the week out feeling refreshed and ready to kick some butt! If not, maybe try reading my last post here and pick you up some delicious iced coffee to get you through the day!

My weekend was pretty stellar. Drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of delicious food, and even got some fitness in to balance it all out!

Saturday morning started out with coffee (duh) and a 6.5 mile run with my friend, Amy. It was the PERFECT morning for a run. Perfect temps, light breeze, little sun coming up as we ran, just so relaxing. This is the perfect time of year to break out those running shoes and hit a nice morning or evening walk or jog. If you haven’t been super active over the winter, start out with a 10-15 minute bout of easy to moderate walking or jogging. Build your way up over time to longer distances or times. No pressure, just move! Take advantage of the weather now before we’re living in puddles of sweat all summer.

Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Dahlonega to do some wine tastings. The first stop was Frogtown Cellars.

Shawn decided to ruin the photo by making fun of me with my leg pop (eye roll). We started with lunch and a glass of wine on the back porch. The view was incredible!

And the food was fantastic. This charcuterie board (just learned how to properly pronounce that word by the way) was a dream. So yummy.

With lunch I ordered their red wine called “Intensity” which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. DELISH! That was my favorite wine of the whole day.

After lunch we went inside for a tasting at the bar. This particular winery was great, because they had the option to choose between a red, white, mix, or sweet wine tasting. Since I typically only drink red, I really appreciated this option. My favorite from the tasting was the first pour, which was the Sangiovese. I also enjoyed the goldfish palette cleanser here.

When we finished up the tasting, we headed right down the road (literally 5 minute drive) to another winery called Kaya Vineyard and Winery. By the way, for this particular trip my dad tagged along as our DD. Otherwise we would have used a driving service. Those tastings sneak up on ya!

At Kaya, you can select between two different wine flights, both of which were a mix of reds, whites, sweets, and blush. Unfortunately for me, the flight started with a blush. I was not a fan. Luckily, they picked up their game a little with the next which was a Sangiovese, and I was much happier with that. After testing out my friend’s cabernet, I decided to trade my last 3 tokens in for a full glass of the Sangiovese to finish out that tasting. Clearly not much of a risk taker here.

By that time it was already 5pm and the wineries close by were all closed, so we packed up and headed back to the house for the night, where we ordered pizza and continued to drink for much cheaper ;).

Positives of the wine tours in Dahlonega-

*The scenery is incredible. It was nice to walk walk out on the back decks with your wine and take in the amazing views. April is such a great time to go with the temperatures being so great.

*The food at Frogtown was great. I loved the cheese and meat selection on our tray, and everyone’s sandwiches looked and tasted great. They also had some pretty amazing looking pizzas, but we didn’t try those since we were planning to order one that night.

*The wineries are all pretty clustered together, so the drives between them aren’t bad at all. You could potentially do several different wineries in one day, as long as you start when they open at noon. There are also a ton of driving services that you can look into for small or large groups. They even have buses that provide lunch and take you back home (or to your hotel) at the end of the day.

*There was a ton of good seating. Going back to the scenery, there were tons of spaces outside to sit at a table, enjoy the weather, and look out at the beautiful landscape. It made it fun to sit outside and chat as a group.


*Service was SUPER slow at Frogtown. Maybe they were understaffed that day, because the weather was supposed to be gross. It ended up being GORGEOUS outside and there were lots of people having lunch outside. It took up a lot of our time having to wait on the waitress to get back to our table.

*It’s definitely off the beaten path. You have to either have a DD or order some kind of driving service to get around, so plan ahead for that. I also almost died a few times walking around in my heels because the paths from the parking lot can be pretty uneven and steep. Maybe wear flats….

*It was pretty pricey. Lunch was not cheap. We went into it expecting that, but you could always eat before or bring something in the car with you to munch on before or after. Just don’t go with an empty stomach ;). The tastings ran pretty high also. Maybe I just hadn’t done a lot of tastings, but you can expect to pay between $16 and $30 per person for a tasting. If you can hit 3+ wineries in a day, that adds up.

All in all, it was a really great time with friends. We would definitely go back, bring our own lunch, and maybe try to fit in one more winery. There are some that stay open until 9pm, they were just a little further away than we wanted to go towards the end of the day. If you go, plan out your route in advance!

Anyways, back to the grind for me today! Can’t wait to get back into the gym after a full rest day spent recovering from wine tasting. I am hoping to make it into a CrossFit class today, then I have a run tomorrow, and a couple of garage gym workouts for the week. Be on the lookout for some at-home workouts I have been testing out for you guys!

I hope everyone drinks some coffee and handles some shit today! Get after it!

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