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Travel Workout + Cruise Recap Day 3

Land HO! Day 3 was our day in Nassau, Bahamas. After a couple days on the ocean, I was excited for a day on land!

We started the morning with a workout, of course. I was a little tired from all the sun the day before, so we kept it short and sweet. Here's what I did:

Travel Workout!

5 rounds @ high effort:

500m row (you can sub a 400 or .25 treadmill run instead!)

25 Kettlebell (or dumbbell) swings (I used a 40 pound KB but use whatever you have!)

20 Burpees

15 Goblet squats (using the same weight you used on the swings)

Upper Body Cash-out:

3 rounds:

10 Dumbbell bench press

10/arm Single arm dumbbell rows

10 bicep curl to overhead press

We grabbed a quick breakfast at the buffet before heading off the ship for the day at 7:45. We wanted to make sure we were among the first ones off the ship to avoid a huge crowd, and to figure out what the heck we were going to do all day. Originally we had planned to book an excursion through the cruise line, but the cost and the uncertainty of what we might experience kept us from booking anything. Ultimately, I believe it worked out for the best, because it gave us an opportunity to explore the city on our own, and I think we ended up saving a ton of money.

Shawn and I hit the streets looking for a nice beach or a fun place to shop. We stumbled across a cigar and coffee shop that I randomly decided to stop at. This iced vanilla latte was BOMB. Such a good decision. We walked a bit further and perused a straw market with lots of local crafts and souvenirs. Surprise! I bought a coffee mug.

After walking about a mile down the road from the ship, we came across Junkanoo Beach. Since it was still pretty early in the day, there were hardly any tourists out yet, so we decided to hang out there for a while. We paid 25 bucks apiece to use the beach chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, snorkels, paddle boards, rafts, etc for the day. You can't beat that. I'm pretty sure we almost paid $50 each just to snorkel somewhere for a couple hours.

We swam a bit in the gorgeous water.

And I caught some sun. We also spent some time on this raft they had out in the water that you could jump on. It was pretty neat until I slid off the slide and busted my toe on a rock.

That was the end of beach time. Some friends had suggested we try the peas and rice and the conch salad (both local dishes) at a restaurant in Nassau. After asking around with some of the locals, we decided to keep walking down the beach to visit a restaurant called "Fish Fry." It's right on the water, and all of their seafood is super fresh. I tried the conch salad:

And Shawn had the peas and rice. We also shared some fried plantains which were to DIE for.

After lunch, we decided to walk back to the port and catch a cab over to Atlantis. The resort is ENORMOUS. Honestly, it wasn't really my cup of tea. I'm not a big gambler (they have a HUGE casino), and I wasn't really looking to visit the water park, or spend a stupid amount of money to use their beach. We did decide to check out the aquarium there.

Yes, that's a snorkeler in the tank, and I admit that's pretty cool. If it wasn't a bazillion dollars to do, we probably would have considered it. Just looking was enough for me! That manta ray was pretty damn impressive. He was giant!

There were also tons of beautiful, colorful fish, like these couple of dudes who were literally begging me to take their picture. It was a fun way to finish out our adventures in Nassau.

After touring the aquarium and then viewing the tanks from above as well, we taxied back to the port to get back on the ship. It was nice to get back a bit early, because the ship was finally less crowded again! We hung out at the pool for a couple hours before heading back in to get ready for dinner.

That night we made reservations at the dining room so we could sit down and order rather than worrying about fighting for space to sit. After a long day of walking (over 10 miles in total!!), it was nice to relax.

We called it an early night and headed back to the room. I Wayan, our room attendant, always had a new towel guy waiting for us when we got in for the night. Call me a newbie, but I had not idea this was a thing. Therefore, I was thrilled. My inner child was always so excited to find out what he created next. This bunny was my fave <3. I miss I Wayan and wish he came home with me to make my bed every day, bring me fresh towels, and make me towel animals. He also received a solid tip. It's the little things.

That's it for day three! See you guys tomorrow for some Friday Faves, and check back again this weekend for another travel workout! Get pumped friends, tomorrow is FRIYAY!

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