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Weekly Workouts + Ab Work For YOU

Good morning! Who else is drinking coffee with me right now? After staying up late on Sunday for that GOT finale, I am straight up on the struggle bus this week! But that's ok, because I have my caffeine and a plan today. Anyone else a big to-do list person? I love making lists. I make one almost every single day in the notes section of my phone. It keeps me on track, gives me reminders for what I need to get done, and helps me feel super accomplished at the end of the day. There is so much satisfaction in crossing things off of a to-do list.

I also love a good pup GIF. I'm going to have to start making to-do lists for Tucker. Seems legit. Speaking of lists, I always start out my week with a fitness plan, so I hold myself accountable through the week. Having a game plan is the first step to success! Here is my workout plan for the week:

Monday: CrossFit workout @ home

Tuesday: CrossFit class @ the gym

Wednesday: Active recovery Yoga class + Swim

Thursday: CrossFit class

Friday: Short run + upper body workout

Saturday: Long run + Core Cash Out (workout listed below)

Sunday: Kayaking with Shawn

I am so excited to head up to Athens this weekend and rent kayaks with Shawn! It will be a fun way to get outside and change up my workouts this weekend. There are also some fun CrossFit workouts scheduled for this week. I am especially looking forward to today's class because there are lots of rope climbs. Rope climbs are the jam!

Here is the core work I plan to do on Saturday. Check out my Instagram @trishwassy for videos of all the movements!

Movement Cues and Modifications:

V-ups: Start laying on your back with arms straight overhead and legs fully extended. Sit up, bringing your legs up to meet your hands at the top. Then lower back down to laying flat again. Modify this movement by crunching your arms or elbows to your knees instead. You can also substitute this movement for sit-ups.

Alternating V-ups: Same starting position as before, but now you are reaching one hand to the opposite foot (only one arm and one leg raise up per rep). Alternate in this fashion for 20 total reps. Modify this movement to bicycle crunches as needed.

Plank Jacks: Start in a plank on your elbows, maintaining a flat body. Similar to a jumping jack, jump your feet out wide and then back in for 30 reps. If the jumping bothers you, or you struggle to maintain a flat body during the movement, modify to a plank hold for 30 seconds.

Side Plank Rotations: Start in a side plank, on your elbow, with arm reaching up over your chest. Reach your free arm under your body slowly, under control, then back up over your chest again. Complete this movement 15 times per side. If you are unable to perform this movement with control, modify to a side plank hold for 20 seconds.

Enjoy the ab work! Give it a try, and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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