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Weekly Workouts + Cardio Intervals

The internet at my house is down, so that's been really super today. I'm really not good at dealing with life when shit doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Maybe I should try working on that, or maybe I'm just wired that way and there's no way around it. I'm going with the latter. This is why it is imperative that I be married to someone like Shawn who can stay calm under these circumstances. Because I'm about to lose my shit, y'all.

I'm going to work all that anger out today in my workout. Then it will probably all return the second I walk back in the house and I still can't use the internet. UGH! Anyways, this week is a little off because my arms still feel wrecked from Murph on Monday, and I don't want to overdo it. Instead of my usual lifting and CrossFit this week, I've added in a bit more cardio. Hopefully I'll feel up to doing arms again on Friday!

If you are feeling super sore from Murph or whatever other tough workouts you've done this week, make sure to check out my post about resting! It is always important to listen to your body and know when you need to take a break from the gym. Although I am taking a couple days off from strength training, I can tell my body is appreciating the cardio and blood flow movement that I am giving it. Don't forget to stretch and foam roll those tight muscles even on your days off!

Here's my plan for workouts this week:

Monday- "Murph"

*wearing a 14 pound vest

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 air squats

1 mile run

Tuesday- 1 hour trail run at the Silver Comet Trail

Wednesday- Cardio Interval Workout--for videos of the movements, check out my Instagram @trishwassy! + 30 minute walk with Tucker

**These exercises are repetitive for the 40 second work intervals. In other words, alternate between 2 lunges and 2 squat jumps for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, then move on to 5 plank jacks alternated with 2 frog jumps for 40 seconds, rest for 20, etc. After completing each exercise interval, rest for a full minute before beginning your next round. Repeat the same pattern for 5 complete rounds.

Thursday- CrossFit

Friday- CrossFit

Saturday- Strength training at home (total body unless my arms still hate me)

Sunday- Rest day and travel to Orlando for cruise!! *Travel workouts, nutrition during a road trip, how to navigate the cruise ship buffets, and many more vacation posts planned!!

Pray for me as I try to maintain my sanity today while dealing with the stupid internet. Let me know what you guys have planned for workouts this week! Anyone sore or extra sluggish this week after the holiday? What are your strategies for recovery? Have a great day!

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