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Welcome to the Blog!

A little about me and what you may hope to find on this blog in the future.

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is. I have always wanted a place for clients, friends, family, and anyone else who is curious about my take on health and fitness to drop in and check out some recipes, workouts, tips, and tricks that work for me. So welcome to my site! Explore the links to find simple, quick recipes for all meal times, workouts that can be completed in 30 minutes or less, and much more.

I started my fitness journey, truly back in my elementary days when I picked up soccer for the first time. I’ve had my share of bumps, stalls, breaks and struggles along the way (hello college years when Chick-fil-a and late nights at the bar were life), but I’ve learned a lot from those days. I have come to value things like adequate sleep and meals filled with whole, nutrient dense foods much more than a a hangover and the crappy feeling during my workouts when I ate junk food the day before. I’m 29, and I can honestly say my body feels the best it has ever felt, and I intend to continue that for as long as I can.

So how do you stick to it? Not everyone can workout multiple hours a day, cook every meal of every day, sleep 8 hours every night, and weigh and measure every morsel of food you consume. That’s a full time job in and of itself. Don’t worry yourself with doing all of these things. Long term health goals should be achievable and sustainable! So my biggest piece of advice to you is to find something you LOVE to do. When I took my first CrossFit class 5 years ago, I knew that was where I was meant to be. I love the sense of community I feel when we’re all cheering each other on to get through those last few reps. I love the feeling of home I get when I walk through the front door each day. I still get butterflies every time I hear the clock click down from 10. CrossFit is just fun. Not only that, but it’s changed my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have some lingering body issues, especially since I spent the last 5 years in a super competitive environment where having a ripped 6 pack was the norm. However, I love my muscles, and I fully embrace the new ideal body image that CrossFit has provided me with. Growing up I HATED my legs. Now I love them because they help me lift a lot of weight. I get compliments on my arms all the time from strangers and feel proud to say “Thanks, it’s CrossFit.” I feel less stressed to be “skinny” and much more content with having an athletic physique. This is something I hope is becoming more attractive to the population at large, and something I hope to convey to my clients as well as my friends and family.

As of now, I’m finished with the competitive side of CrossFit. I just finished up my last competition, Wodapalooza, in Miami, with an amazing team of 3 girls. I feel super content with how I left that world. That was the most prepared I have ever felt for an elite competition. I was satisfied with where I was at mentally and physically, and I knew that I had put in the work to deserve to be there. I also had FUN every time I stepped out on the competition floor for an event. In training, I had begun to lose sight of why I had started CrossFit in the first place, and that’s when I knew it was time to take a step back.

This year, I’m planing to start a family! I am excited to embark on that journey, and to navigate and document my fitness and health trials and tribulations through that. That means I am focussing on preparing my body for that process by weening myself off the HEAVY training I was doing before and relaxing my nutrition a bit as well. I still watch my nutrition, but I am less concerned with weighing and measuring everything I eat and more concerned with providing my body with nutrient dense meals and following more of an 80/20 approach to eating. That means the majority of my food intake is made up of whole foods, including fruits, meats, and vegetables; however, I allow myself a little more laxity to fit the fun foods in here and there!

That’s a bit about me and where we’re headed with this site. I can’t wait to begin sharing all the things I have learned about fitness, nutrition, and health in the coming posts!

Let me know in the comments section what you’d like to hear about from me. Thanks for reading!


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