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What I Ate On Wednesday

Working with people on nutrition, I often get asked, "What do you eat every day?" Well, here you go! I am going to give you a glimpse into what I typically eat in a day, by taking you guys on a photo journey of what I ate yesterday. This is actually a pretty standard day for me. I change it up here and there depending on my schedule and how hungry I am, but all-in-all my eating pattern mirrors this setup on most days of the week.

5:00am- Before I left for work, I had a hard boiled egg with a sprinkle of sea salt. Typically, I eat either half a Perfect Foods Bar or half a protein bar here, but I wanted to change it up this week. I've been liking it so far!

5:30am- While coaching I drank a travel mug of coffee that I made at home. Then, during the 6:30am class, I had a full bottle of water.

8:00am- Breakfast! This is my FAVORITE meal of the day. I come home to cook breakfast each morning, or I make it ahead of time and take it with me. There are very few days that my protein changes. It typically consists of half a cup of egg whites scrambled with 1 wedge of laughing cow cheese + 2 pieces of Applegate Naturals turkey bacon. I also almost always have a veggie with breakfast (not pictured from yesterday, but I swear I had them). Some of you are saying "YUCK," and I used to be in the same boat, but I got used to it, and I love it now. My breakfast veggie is usually either steamed spinach (like yesterday) or brussels sprouts. My carb rotates. Yesterday it was a homemade gluten free blueberry muffin (recipe linked <). Some of my other go-tos are banana bread, homemade waffles, Birchbenders Paleo pancakes, or Udi's gluten free toast.

9:45am- Starbucks in the car while running errands. Yes, they spelled my name wrong. I'm letting it go because they know my order by heart and they always make my coffee REALLY well.

+ My daily Juice Plus+ gummies (also in the car).

11:30am- Lunchtime! I know this is a picture I have already used, but my salad (tossed in Primal Kitchen Ranch) yesterday was virtually the same. I was hungry, so the picture never happened. I knocked that sh*t back in like 5 minutes flat. So dang good. I drank a glass of tea sweetened with Truvia, and had a serving of these:

because carbs...and deliciousness.

1:45pm- Snack: Grillo's pickles. Honestly, I'm not sure how many I took down yesterday, but it was a lot.

2:30pm- Started my workout yesterday, which consisted of a 5K run with a weight vest and my core workout for the week afterwards. During this time, I drank a full shaker bottle with 1 scoop Xtend BCAAs in the glacial grape flavor. So tasty, so refreshing.

4:30pm- Dinner. I have to eat early, because A. I get hangry. Like mean hangry. Like you don't want to be around me until I get a snack or something kind of hangry. Ask my husband about it...and B. because I literally wake up at 4:30am, and I have put in a long ass day by this point. I also go to bed between 8 and 8:30 (#grandmastatus), so I try not to have a huge meal on my stomach at that point. Yesterday, I had shredded chicken from the crockpot over white rice. With dinner, I drank a large glass of water with 2 nuun electrolyte tablets (after sweating buckets during that run). I also had a side of steamed broccoli (not pictured). My bowls of broccoli are pretty huge. This is because I genuinely like the taste of it, and the volume of it keeps me full. If you hate veggies, I URGE you to experiment with cooking them in different healthy fats and spices. There are so many ways to make them taste amazing, and you are missing out if you never try them.

5:00pm- Two squares of sea salt caramel dark chocolate on my way out the door. Perfect cure for my post-dinner sweet tooth.

6:30pm- Drank a full bottle of water while I trained a client.

7:30pm- Evening protein shake before bed. Yesterday it was unsweetened vanilla cashew milk + 1 scoop cookies and cream protein + a little under a tablespoon of cashew butter + ice. Sometimes I will add some greens to this concoction if I haven't had enough throughout the day. I also drink a small glass of water at night to take my nightly vitamins. These consist of 1000mg omega 3s, 500mg magnesium, and 5mg melatonin.

And that's it! I was in bed around 8:30 and asleep before 9! Pretty freaking wild, I know. Routine keeps me on track. Things get a bit more complicated on the weekends, with social events, and an inconsistent schedule. However, I try to eat along the same pattern I do during the week, while allowing a bit more flexibility to enjoy some drinks or good foods with friends and family. The main things I focus on are 1) making sure my meals consist mainly of protein and veggies, even when I'm not at home, and 2) remembering to drink lots of (non-sugary) liquids. No crazy diet secrets here! Just consistency, and finding a pattern that works for me and feels sustainable in the long run!

Do you have consistency in your diet? This is one of the main things I notice when people are struggling with dieting for weight loss or weight gain. Consistency is key! If you are eating perfectly during the week, then binging or forgetting to eat all weekend long, you are totally negating the progress you made throughout the week. What sorts of things do you do to stay on track during the week? If you need diet tips or want to work on getting your nutrition on the path to success, set up a consultation with me in the services tab above OR shoot me a message with your questions! I would love to chat with you.

Enjoy the day, friends! Tomorrow is Friday!!

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