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Friday Faves #11

The next few weeks are about to be nuts. Between figuring out what to pack for our trip out West and tying up loose ends in the little time we have left before we go, we have so much to do. Since we will actually be in Denver for several weeks for Shawn's job training, we aren't planning to move all of our stuff out there yet. We are planning to stay in an extended stay hotel during that period. Guys, hotel rooms are SMALL. As a heavy packer, this situation is not ideal. How does one decide on what is absolutely essential? How will I get by without all my cooking supplies??

By the way, if you have no clue what I am talking about, maybe you missed the memo. Read about our upcoming move to Wyoming here.

Amongst the packing and planning that will inevitably consume the majority of my weekend, I am also planning a pool day and dinner with my Mom, brunch with a friend, and some hiking with my dog. There is always time for fitness, friends. You just gotta make it work. My Friday Faves list is a little shorter this week since I have been a tad distracted with some major life changes that are about to hit, but I pulled some together nonetheless! Here goes nothin':

Scrunchies!! Is anyone else super pumped that these are back in style? My mom used to always put these in my hair growing up. I always had my hair in a ponytail with a soccer themed scrunchie for my practices and games. I was so dang hip. WHO EVEN KNEW?? Now, I love to put my hair back in these at night to avoid tearing my hair. They're just the best.

This beautiful water bottle I stumbled across in Target. I love a good water bottle. It motivates me to drink more water. Sometimes I suck at that. Not with this little cutie, though. I've been excited to fill this thing up and tote it around. It makes me feel super stylish, and healthy AF of course, because hydration.

This Garlic Lemon Butter Shrimp recipe and this Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice recipe that I plan to make for dinner tomorrow. Holy yum.

Getting back into the pool for lap swimming this week. I neglected to take a picture at the pool, so you get a picture of me in the Bahamas instead (take me back!!). Swimming makes my body feel so great. I also got to test out my new Garmin watch (link to the exact one I have) and it was really cool to watch it track my laps. Little side note, though: it won't track your laps if you're using a kick board. Otherwise, it was amazing. I did 45 minutes alternating every 100m between freestyle, kicking with a board, and pulling with a buoy between my legs.

Good Trouble. You know I had to give you some shows I've been binging right? I stumbled across this one on Hulu this week and I'm obsessed. Apparently, this is a spinoff from another show called The Fosters, which I did not watch and don't believe you need to in order to enjoy this one. The basic premise is two foster sisters move to LA together to pursue two very different careers: one is a lawyer and the other is a software engineer. They move into a communal living apartment building which, inevitably, gets pretty weird at times. It's a good mixture of funny, serious, and sexy. There's something in there for everyone! The first season is up on Hulu, and the second season is currently airing on Freeform.

BIIIIIIGGG BROTHERRRRR. I freaking love this show now. I've been back and forth about it, but last summer I fell in love with it. Shawn and I watch Survivor together, so it was pretty natural that we kind of fell into watching Big Brother as well. It's a little cheesy, and the challenges can be SO dumb, but it's so interesting to me the kind of mind fuck these people must go through. EVERYONE is in there to lie and manipulate their way into winning $500,000, you are totally cut off from the outside world, and you are completely trapped in a pretty small space with a bunch of people that probably annoy the shit out of you 90% of the time. I would die. But it's entertaining as hell. PLUS, there's a guy on there this season that looks like Jason Momoa. I'm in.

That wraps up this week's Friday Faves! I'll be back next week with some workouts I have been putting together for you guys! Get pumped to get swole. Have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to shout out in the comments some of your weekly faves.

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