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"...more than just a list of exercises..."

“Before I came to Tricia and CrossFit Bound, I was a lifelong swimmer. Any exercise on land, beyond walking, felt scary and nearly impossible. I could swim a mile, sure, but run a mile? No way. I was 26, stuck, and struggling, with a restricted diet, chronic heartburn, and lower back issues. Mentally, I had depression and anxiety, fueling my low confidence and self-esteem. Needless to say, I was not the picture of great health.


Two years ago, I walked into CrossFit Bound and was intimidated by everything. Do not let Tricia’s muscles throw you off! Right from the start, Tricia was welcoming, approachable, and friendly. She is able to work with where you are at, no matter where you start. Her easy-going nature makes it simple and fun to talk with her about anything, not just gym things. I like to think that I did not just gain a coach, but a friend!


Additionally, Tricia gives her clients more than just a list of exercises to do while watching us passively. She goes beyond by explaining the reasons behind the movements, scaling them to our abilities, and by teaching and enforcing the correct technique so that we stay safe. Tricia is also great at giving the right amount of encouragement, support, and the occasional in-my-face pressure that I need during our sessions. Having a good day, bad day, something is hurting? She will work around that, no problem, and still provide a beneficial training session.


Lastly, I write this at a pivotal time, where I just had a personal best in one of my weakest movements, the overhead squat, despite a rare back flare-up. When I began with Tricia, I could not air squat without my arms shaking from so much tension because of years of anxiety affecting my body. While it is easy to see the physical and strength changes in my body, what matters most to me goes beyond that. I have a more positive outlook on life. Because of Tricia, I am a healthier person mentally as well! I am a completely different person than I was two years ago – I am more confident, less anxious, less depressed, and am fueling my body with the right types of foods. My relationship with my body and my nutrition has never been better!


All of this to say: thank you, Trish, for giving me my life back.”


—Jennifer Orlando

     Student/Swim Instructor

"...a dedicated and motivational trainer..."

“I have been training with Tricia for several months now, and I am down a pants size and my shirt sleeves are tight. Within a few short weeks, I was noticing muscles I didn’t even know I had. Tricia is a dedicated and motivational trainer who really knows her stuff. I can tell she actually takes the time to plan out workouts specifically for me and my goals, and we never do the same workout twice. Tricia ensures I have excellent form and that I neither over-estimate nor underestimate myself in any movement. I am physically and mentally stronger because of Tricia, and I couldn’t choose a better trainer.”


—Sara Byrd

      Instructional Designer

"She won't let you quit."

“Tricia is an expert at her craft. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. Tricia is an inspiring coach. She is both physically and mentally motivating. When I started training with Tricia, I had almost no flexibility or strength. She helped me by challenging me beyond what I thought I could do, and during each workout, she proved to me that I was capable of way more than I thought. She won’t let you quit. There’s no saying, “I can’t,” with Tricia. She pushes you in a healthy way and won’t ever ask you to do anything she’s not sure you can accomplish. Tricia is easy to trust, and she makes you want to work hard. She compliments you when you truly earn it, and it makes you feel like you have achieved something great.”


Holly Botella

     Chorus Teacher

"...keeps me challenged..."

"If you're looking to just get started or want to get to a new level, Tricia is the one to go to! For me, I needed someone to keep me accountable and focused on my goals. Tricia does just that with her attention to detail and her training style. She has the level of knowledge coupled with her experience that not only keeps me challenged but is taking my overall fitness to a higher level.”


—Patrick Petted

    Printing Press Demonstrator

"Coach Trish was my medicine to Osteoporosis."

"I had never dreamed that I would come this far, but now I can set a goal that I can go further strongly and confidently. That determination did not come by itself. There has been a coach behind it from the beginning and all along. I started my workout journey from doubting myself and feeling so insecure about myself, but one person believed in me and guided me in every step of the way. That person is coach Tricia Wasielewski. Since I did not exercise for decades, my ability to do any kind of workout was very limited. Coach Trish knew how to train me from picking the proper workout and strategically giving techniques for me to safely do things right, to improve performance, and to strengthen muscles which were something I needed most. Strong muscles lead to stronger bones. Coach Trish was my medicine to Osteoporosis. My bone scan reading went from -3.2 to now -1.0, which is almost back to normal—all of this without any medication. Coach Trish not only knows how to apply the right amount and style of coaching but also dedicates herself to helping her clients get to their goals. I consider myself unique, and it does not matter how unique I am, Coach Trish can read between the lines of how my style really is. So when I needed training on how to get to a particular workout, she spent her time studying and researching on what progressive workouts would help me get to my goal and have fun while doing it. I was so impressed by her ability to understand me so perfectly that I enjoyed anything she recommended I do, and as a result I got to my goal. With her guidance, I can set one goal after another and securely know that I will reach them. I could not ask for a better coach. Coach Trish is the best."


—Supreeya Miller

    Senior Programmer

"The improvements I have made will help me stay active well into retirement."

"I am not the usual CrossFit athlete. My logo would be: Body by Pilsbury (vs Reebok/Nike/Peleton). But working out with Tricia has been incredibly helpful even for me. I feel like I have gained strength and endurance in all of the major muscle groups working with Tricia. The improvements I have made will help me stay active well into retirement. Tricia pushes you to continuously improve but with absolutely no injuries (I have had no injuries in 3 years of working with Tricia). She makes you work! Don’t get me wrong! She pushes you quietly with a smile on her face and A LOT of sweat on your face! I may hurt the next day, but it’s worth it. I feel like I am in much better shape from working with Tricia, and I plan on working with her once or twice week for as long as I can."


—Mike Van Den Eynde

     Managing Director

"...takes time to understand your personal fitness goals..."

"Tricia is the coach for the early morning classes I normally attend. She is a serious CrossFit athlete who has trained intensely and competed at high levels. Her experience, skills, and strength are inspiring. And she is also a well-trained CrossFit coach. She takes time to understand your personal fitness goals and is skilled at helping you grow toward them at your own pace through the right training and nutrition programs. This is true for the entire range of members - from advanced to beginner (like me) and from young to old (also like me).  Importantly, that includes personally customizing your training to avoid injury.  She challenges me, but she has never pressured me to do more than was safe for me."


—Chuck Goltry

     Project Manager

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