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Friday Faves #9

This week has been rough. I always struggle a bit when I have been out of my normal routine for several days. Waking up at 4:30 is just not the jam sometimes.

When I am feeling like that ^, I know that it is best for me to dial back the workout volume and intensity for the week, so my body can catch up and get back into it without feeling super wrecked. Even though I kept my intensity pretty low this week, I managed to get some fitness in anyways with some easy runs, lighter lifting, and lots of stretching. I am hoping to get outside this weekend for a hike or two with Tucker since the weather is going to be AMAZING. It was literally 57° this morning when I headed to the gym to coach! So glorious. Other than that, my weekend plans include a dinner and game night with friends, and probably some pool time. I am looking forward to enjoying the perfect weather (while it lasts) and some time with my favorite people.

Let's get on with some Friday Faves shall we??

Reminiscing on our cruise. It was so great to have a full week to ourselves. Read my recaps from the first 3 days here and here. I can't wait for our next #wassysinthewild adventure with this guy.

Reuniting with my pup. Speaking of getting back from vacation, this was definitely the best part. He was exhausted after his 6 night stay at the dog hotel. It's been great because he has been extra snuggly this week. There's nothing better than big ol' puppy snuggles. Truly, I hate snuggling with humans. Pups ONLY.

Chernobyl on HBO. Before we went to bed each night on our vacation, we watched an episode of this miniseries on HBO. It is incredible. I was aware of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, but admittedly, I knew very little. This series was a history lesson for me, as well as a completely captivating cinematic story of the events and their repercussions. My mouth was wide open for a majority of the scenes of that show. I beg you to do yourself a favor and watch this show.

This bear. Y'all. Let me just shout out and acknowledge my incredibly supportive, loving, amazing, sweet clients. All of you are awesome. But two of them stepped it up to another level this week. I was feeling down in the freaking dumps after my vacation. Shawn headed out of town for work, and reality really sunk in. After spending a full week together, I felt totally spoiled, and it was really hard getting back to life after he left. Holly and Sara, freaking sweethearts, went to Build-a-Bear on Tuesday night and made me this bear. Not only did they add his signature Hawaiian shirt and shades, they also bought his cologne and sprayed it on him. THE BEST.

New watch (WHO DIS). I went swimming in my Fitbit, which also had a crack in it, on the last day of our cruise. OOPS. I promise it was an accident. Truly. I honestly really loved my old Fitbit. However, I need a watch. We shopped around a good bit, and I read about one million articles, before finally deciding on this Garmin. I have a goal to eventually step up my cardio training for a triathlon. My ultimate goal would be to complete a half Iron Man, but we're a ways away from that. Don't get carried away! Anyways, this one showed up on all the lists of top triathlon training watches. I love the look, and it has tons of cool features, most of which I have no clue how to use yet. All in due time.

This act on America's Got Talent. This was probably one of the MOST deserved golden buzzers I have ever seen on the show. Not going to lie, I shed a few tears on this one. So damn inspiring. On a less serious note, I like this guy a lot too.

Travel Core Workout. Video coming to Instagram soon! I added this to the end of one of my vacation workouts and burned up my abs before hitting the beach for the day. Who doesn't love that??

This lavender bikini from Target. This was a totally random purchase right before vacation, and I wasn't really even looking for another bathing suit. It ended up being one of my favorites!

New fave Starbucks concoction. It's another idea from the Instagram account @themacrobarista. This one is a bit complicated but it turned out so yummy. Don't be afraid to be annoying at the Starbuck's counter! How to order: Grande cold brew with cold foam made with sugar free vanilla, add 1 pump marshmallow sauce, add 2 pumps sugar free vanilla, add light mocha drizzle, add light half and half. Macros: ~80 cals; 12g carbs, 3g fat, <1g protein.

This Bruschetta Chicken recipe. This is tonight's dinner plan, and I cannot WAIT. It looks delish.

It's been a while, guys! Tell me what you've been enjoying lately!! I would love to hear about your faves and try them out. Let me hear about them in the comments below. Also, who is planning some outdoor fitness this weekend? With temperatures being much more bearable, it's the perfect time to take advantage of all the outdoor activities! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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